With certain insurance genomic screening may be provided at no cost to the patient.

Carelumina provides genomic testing through advocacy providing applicants with access to key medical guidance and patient support.Our genomic screening solutions encompasses unique coding of the human body by examining your genes, and sequencing of your DNA to provide more advanced and controlled plans of care.

// CGX Testing (Hereditary Cancer Screening) *

A persons unique genes tell a very important story about the risk of Cancer and other illnesses. Almost everyone has been affected by someone who has been diagnosed or passed away from cancer. Many screening systems do not provided proper clinical information or only test for a small number of gene-markers, which don’t provide patients with enough relevant clinical data. Knowing the hereditary risk of an illness is now available thought GCX – Cancer Screening.Ocenture’s turn-key clinical genetic EHR program helps determine a persons risk for developing hereditary cancer.

An estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States alone (

1st degree relatives with a history of cancer:




2nd / 3rd degree relatives with a history of cancer:



Aunts / Uncles

Nephews / Nieces


Should you get tested?

Genetic counseling and testing may be recommended for people who have had certain cancers or certain patterns of cancer in their family. If you have a personal history of cancer or if you have a family history of cancer the you should find out more about testing.

 // PGX Testing (Pharmacogenomic) *

Pharmacogenomics is the relationship between a patient’s unique genetic makeup and their response to certain medications. Researchers estimate that commonly prescribed medications may not work in up to 60 percent of patients and that most healthcare providers simply don’t have enough genetic patient data to accurately determine their rate of metabolism for a given medication or what the most effective medication and dosage should be for a patient. In 2016, there were approximately 4.45 billion prescriptions issued throughout the United States. Health care providers continually prescribe medications which leave a significant margin for error. Patients take medications often on a trial-and-error basis. Resulting in use and doses having to be adjusted based on the patient’s response over a period of time.

As people age their medicines change and a persons health can be adversely affected by taking the wrong medication. The more a person knows about medicines and the more health care professionals know about each persons genes, the easier it is to avoid problems with prescribing medicines. PGX testing illustrates how a patient’s body may likely metabolize common medications allowing healthcare providers to act on the results with less risk of side effects, including overdosing or ineffectiveness.

Types of Genetic Testing:

Cardiac Testing

General Testing

Pain Testing

Psychiatric Testing

Should you get tested?

If you are experiencing less than optimal results from prescribed medications or if you have a personal or family history of adverse drug reactions in response to certain medications. If you are taking multiple prescription medications for multiple chronic conditions and still not getting medical results then testing might be right for you.

* Carelumina provides personal consulting services for its contracted labs under a fee for service program. Follow up screenings and additional clinical consultations may be required for confirmation and guidance of the absence or presence of specific conditions.

The genomic screening program requires a valid insurance plan and testing will be submitted by the lab to the insurance provider for authorization. Prior to lab performing genetic testing insurance coverage and verification will be required.Carelumina contracted lab(s) provide a fee for service payment to Carelumina including but not limited to technology services, data entry, patient advocacy, consulting, and other non-health care related service fees. No fees will be charged to a customer’s credit card.

We do not charge for our advocacy services, not available in NJ or NY.