Carelumina provides something for everyone. With innovative and evolutionary products and services we’re transforming lives using a unique approach to healthcare, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. Whether you want to become a customer, take advantage of the great discounts as an Affiliate or build your own Independent Business, Carelumina can help.


WAYS TO #getilluminated


Carelumina Products are designed with technology and science in mind. Customers enjoy the power of Illumination!

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors buy Carelumina products at discounted prices, receive commissions on product sales, receive monthly residual override commissions and participate in company wide bonus programs.

Retail Commission

Earn up to 50% of commissionable value on customer purchases and your own product purchases.

Override Commission

Sponsor new Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors and receive 5–6% of commissionable value overrides.

Fast Start Training Bonus

Start off fast and help train others within the organization and earn a great Fast Start Training Bonus.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

Are you a customer getter? Earn tremendous commissions and extra bonuses while building your retail customer base.

Leadership Bonuses

Over 5 leadership bonus programs. Earn great bonuses that increase each time you reach a new status.

Company Trips and Car Bonus

Qualify for great company motivational trips and earn participation in our unique Maserati car bonus program.

View the Carelumina Plan VIEW THE CARELUMINA PLAN


Carelumina’s training, tools, and motivation is provided to all Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors.

Carelumina Kit

Your Starter Kit walks you through the entire Carelumina experience, from product reviews to rewards and bonuses.

Support & Training

Carelumina training provides ongoing support and never-ending expansion opportunities. Because the best way to succeed is to succeed together.

Mentorship Program

Our mentor program provides direct access to industry executives and allows you to work directly with other top Business Owners.


Product & Opportunity Presentation

Review of products & compensation highlights.

How You Get Paid

Quick review of how weekly and monthly compensation works.

When You Get Paid

Quick review of when compensation is paid.

Let's Get Started

The Carelumina Compensation Plan was designed to help you build a long term sustainable business quickly and efficiently while earning monthly residual income.