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Illuminate Regimen
Enhanced Eyes Regimen ( B1, B2 , B5, Spf45, Extend )
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What It Does

Want the ultimate eye enhancing treatment that not only gives you longer and thicker lashes, but also revitalizes tired looking eyes? Carelumina’s five-step Illuminate - Enhanced Eyes Regimen transforms the eyes by growing thicker and longer eyelashes, lightening dark circles, revitalizing skin texture, drastically reducing crow’s feet, and repairing fragile skin. It is time to Illuminate your eyes with Carelumina’s Illuminate - Enhanced Eyes Regimen.


REFRESH - Activated Charcoal Cleanser

PREPARE - Vitamin C Antioxidant Toner

ILLUMINATE - Revitalizing Eye Cream

EXTEND - Enhanced Eyelash Growth Serum

PROTECT SPF 45 - Moisturizing Sunscreen


How To Use

Follow the daily how to use instructions outlined on each product within the regimen. Products can be used together in the regimen or separate as needed.





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