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Smoked Bacon (Full Spectrum, Less Than .03% THC)

Product size: 30CT 5.8 OZ (165g)


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What it does?

Carelumina’s CBD Pet Treats helps pets maintain a sense of calm while limiting hip and joint pain and providing support for their active lives. Stress, anxiety, depression and pain doesn’t just affect humans, it also affects pets. Carelumina’s CBD Pet Treats contain 5MG Hemp Derived CBD Per Serving.

Benefits of CBD and pets include:
• Pain Relief
• Anxiety Reduction
• Anti-Inflammatory 
• Joint Mobility Support
• Digestion and Appetite Enhancement

How to

As a dietary supplement, give pet one (1) or (2) servings once or twice daily, or as directed by a veterinarian. Keep away from heat and light as not to affect potency.

Serving Suggestions:
Dogs less than 20lbs: up to 1 treat every 12 hours.
Dogs 21 lbs – 44 lbs: up to 2 treats every 12 hours.
Dogs over 45 lbs: up to 3 treats, every 12 hours.
Cats: up to 1 treat every 12 hours.


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